The major concern of people wishing to hunt for the first time seems to be a fear of wearing or doing the wrong thing. Whilst appropriate behaviour and dress are important in ensuring that hunting has an acceptable public image, we hope that people who come to hunt will appreciate that etiquette is not the be all and end all of hunting and that they will find us tolerant and helpful. We hope this guide will help you feel more comfortable and confident when you choose to come out with us for your first experience of hunting. You will not remember all of it, but the more you hunt the more you will realise the reasons for a code of conduct.

What should I wear?

What should I do before Coming to a meet mounted?

What should I have in my pockets?

Going to the meet?

What should I do at the meet?

How can I tell who the Hunt Staff are?

Is there anything special that my horse should wear?

Is there anything I need to know about the hounds?


Do I have to jump?

Riding near or through livestock

End of the day

Did you fall off, get shouted or sworn at?

General Etiquette